Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between combed cotton and just carded cotton.

Yes, we provide free & dedicated support for our themes which includes questions on setup, bugs and assistance with any theme related issues.

What comes in a set of sheets?

Each set includes 1 top sheet, 1 bottom (elastic or draw rope) and 2 pillow cases. 

King and Cal King sets have King pillow cases.  All other sheet sets have standard pillow cases.

Can I purchase items individually?

Sheets, Pillowcases, and Bath Towels are purchased in sets only. Candles and Tea Towels can be purchased individually.

How do I secure the rope draw fitted sheet?

After putting the fitted sheet on your mattress, simply pull your ropes and clip them together. See our how-to video below.

How much do your sheets shrink?

Southern Drawl sheets are pre-shrunk in the finishing process. We recommend washing in cold water and tumbling dry on low heat to minimize further shrinkage.

Do your sheets wrinkle?

Cotton is a natural fiber and because we do not use any chemicals to prevent wrinkles, our bedding does have minor wrinkling when laundered. We recommend folding or returning them to the bed promptly after removal from the dryer. Air drying our bedding also adds a crispness not found when using a dryer.

What is the difference between the natural and white sheets?

The natural color of Southern Drawl Cotton sheets is because no bleaching is used in our manufacturing process. Our white sheets have been bleached to attain a lighter hue to fit a different décor.Both colors use the same 160 thread count and are 100% combed cotton, for a relaxing experience.

Do your sheets and candles create the perfect atmosphere?

Whether relaxing, snuggling or sleeping our combination sheets, pillow cases and fragrant candles offer the opportunity of a perfect


Are your pillowcases regular or envelope style.

All of Southern Drawl pillowcases are envelope style. All cases have piping in your choice of offered colors and feature a 3 inch hem.

Tea Towels 

Are your Tea Towels 100% cotton?

Yes! All of Southern Drawl products are 100% combed cotton and 100% field to fabric American made.

Product Care 

What are your washing instructions?

We recommend washing your bedding before you use your new sheets. Use cold water and tumble dry on low heat for best results. Remove promptly from dryer and fold or return to the bed. Sweet Dreams!

Do you recommend bleach?

To insure longevity of the bedding and to avoid discoloration of the cotton we do not recommend using bleach. There are some bleach
alternatives on the market; please use at your own discretion.

Do you recommend ironing your bedding?

You are welcome to iron Southern Drawl Cotton sheets, however, if you desire the natural feel of the cotton there is no need to iron. 

What are the sizes of your sheets?

Flat: Width x Length in inches

King: 109” x 104”

Cal King: 109” x 104”

Queen: 98” x 104”

Full: 81” x 96”

Twin: 66” x 96”

Twin XL 66” x 102”

Fitted: Width x Length in inches

King: 78” x 80”

Cal King: 72” x 84”

Queen: 60” x 80”

Full: 54” x 75”

Twin: 39” x75”

Twin XL 39” x80”

King, Cal King and Queen have 16 inch pockets

Full, Twin, Twin XL have 15 inch pockets

*All fitted sheets will fit up to an 18" pocket*

Pillowcases: Width x Length in Inches

Standard: 20 x 30

King: 20 x 38

Tea Towels:

17½" x 25"

Bath Towels:

Bath Towel: 57" x 30"

Hand Towel: 29½" x 41"

Wash Cloth: 16" x16"

Shipping and Returns 

How long before I receive my order?

Please allow 7-10 business days for in stock items. If there will be a delay we will notify you at the time of your order.

What shipping service do you use?

Southern Drawl uses UPS for shipping and returns through UPS or USPS.

What is your return policy?

Southern Drawl Cotton will honor returns within 30 days of the purchase date

but will not accept used or laundered returns.

We cannot accept returns on items damaged through normal wear and tear.

How do you justify the cost of your sheets?

Because everything is American grown and processed and because competitive prices and wages are used throughout the procedure, our products will naturally cost more than goods made outside the USA. You
are not only investing in quality sheets you are investing in the
movement to take America back to her roots of sustaining herself.

Where does our cotton come from?

The fertile soil of Southwest Georgia is home of some of the best cotton picking cotton in the USA. Our investors believe as deeply about
our sheets as they do about sustaining the soil on which the cotton is grown. Cover crops to help prevent erosion, no-till practices to help
save the earthworms and equipment that helps with lower emissions are all practices our producers use.

Please take a moment and meet our investors/producers and see that they are 100% committed to American grown, Field to Fabric, American made products that not only sustain the soil but sustain the American way of life. To meet the hardworking growers dedicated to bringing you premium combed cotton products click here.