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      Buck Moore’s heritage is steeped in country life. Farming was a natural for him.  Five generations on both his mother’s and father’s side of the family farmed the land in and around him.

      Charlie Rutland, Buck’s great, great grandfather settled in the edge of Berrien County, Georgia in the late 1800’s. He raised his family there, one son was John Rutland. John had Bruce and he had a daughter named Tonita, Buck’s mom. Tonita married Ricky Moore, Buck’s father.

      The Moore’s go back five generations as well. Richard, Buck, Lloyd and Ricky Moore all farmed. Lloyd, Buck’s grandfather, is where the real farming story begins.

      Lloyd, a tenant farmer with five children, lived in the house and on the land of the farmer he worked for. The year he turned forty, the farmer let him go. The whole family was devastated, no income and no house to live in. A very bleak time in Lloyd’s life.

      Lloyd had been saving a little money along and along and was able to rent land that year and later managed to buy 450 acres of his own. The lowest time in his life became the greatest blessing.

      Buck began farming in 2011. His father bought a new three hundred acre farm and let him and his brother and brother-in-law start out on their own. Their business is called Southern Acres and they have total of around 3000 acres with 1500 of that being cotton.

      Cotton has always been a big part of the Moore’s life. In fact, when Buck proposed to his wife, Mikelyn, he placed the ring box in a boll of cotton. Production is going well! They are expecting their first little cotton boll in August.