Southern Drawl Cotton, headquartered out of a small South Georgia Town known as Omega, brings agriculture in its purest form into your home. Decades old farming families join together to produce the finest Georgia Grown cotton. Reflecting their roots and their dedication to the land they operate, SDC families were committed to producing a truly American Made product. From start to finish, each product is grown, sewn, finished, and fulfilled right here in America. Cleverly coined, “From Field to Fabric” they forefront quality over convenience. 

When you purchase Southern Drawl products, you receive a Grower’s Card where you meet the family that grew the cotton you will rest on. It simply does not get any more “direct to consumer” than that. 

Their Bed Linens were first introduced in 2018 after several years in the making. Differentiating themselves by combing their cotton into a Percale Weave, the lifetime of their linens improve over time. Remember the way linens were made “in the good ol’ days” when you would visit Grandma and settle down after a day of play in fresh cotton sheets? Southern Drawls linens are intended and designed to last and provoke those same timeless memories of the past -- one restful sleep at a time. 

Since its start, Southern Drawl has introduced additional items to their product line. Premium Bath Towels, the Baby “Boll” Collection, Cotton-wick Candles, and small home decor accessories. All with the same context as their bed linens, American Made and Georgia Grown “From Field to Fabric.” 

Now with thousands of Google reviews from satisfied customers, Southern Drawl dives deeper into creating products that cultivate a community of customers that share the same American Values, appreciate Quality, and the Hard Working American Farmer. 

Southern Drawl’s cotton is grown and ginned in Georgia, spun and woven in South Carolina, finished in Georgia, and shipped from Georgia. They are committed to supporting the Southeast, their industry, and the American workforce.


Our farm families across South Georgia produce all of the cotton we use in our products. Each harvest season we select the finest fibers from each family and use it to make the items you know and love. 

“Farming isn’t just a job for our family. We have chosen to make farming our way of life by instilling values in our family, being good stewards of our land, and spending time together with our children. Buck loves for me to bring the children to the field. This past harvest season was a busy one for us for sure. We welcomed twin boys to our family and they got to experience lots of rides on the cotton picker with their Daddy and big sister Molly.” -Mikelyn Moore, Moore Farms