Lee Powell Family

Lee Powell, owner of Omega Farm Supply and Omega Cotton Gin, is a third generation friend to the farmers in Tift, Colquitt and surrounding Counties. Powell’s grandfather and father passed down the heritage to “Lee.” Part of that heritage is not just owning the businesses but being a friend and support to what is considered to be the backbone of our nation - the farmer. Lee takes his businesses to heart and is quick to lend a hand to local farmers as they prepare, plow, plant and reap the fruit of the land. Crop production is a great undertaking and Lee enjoys the part that he plays in the process - from selling seeds to selling fertilizer to ginning cotton.

Lee is strong in family and entrenched in faith - two vital components to those who stand alongside the farming families of our country. He loves hunting, fishing and spending time with his children, Sumner Lee and Mary Bella, and his wife, Jessica Sumner Powell. Lee is described by those who know him best as genuine, sincere, honest, hardworking, loyal, innovative and full of integrity. These attributes undoubtedly contributed to the inception of Southern Drawl.

Jessica Powell is involved with farming and real estate. She farms blackberries with her brother Justin Sumner. She also has her finger on the pulse of agricultural land markets in our area where she talks often to local farmers to help accommodate each with tracts that fit their specific growing needs. All the while she stays involved with all of the local school functions and makes sure that Sumner and Mary Bella are able to attend all the sports, church and other activities that they desire to participate in. She comes from a long line of farmers. As far as we can account for, her family have been farming cotton, peanuts, and corn for many generations. It wasn’t until 2017 that she and her brother decided to extend those practices to include blackberries and blueberries.

Sumner Powell enjoys hunting, fishing, Swim team, and God. He has a very special heart and is always eager to lend a helping hand to anyone that he sees that may need it. His school interest are in science, history, and agriculture. He is a very bright young man and has his mind set to shoot for the stars in life while helping others in the name of Jesus along the way.

Mary Bella is a fierce, loving and beautiful young girl. She absolutely loves animals. She rides Hunter Jumper shows with her first love, a horse named Cupcake ( show name Valentina). At 8 years old, she has a passion for horses like nothing I've seen before. Jessica and Lee support her in this and can see her pursuing a life long experience in something involving any type of animals. She's never met any animal that didn't get a great big hug from her before they departed company.