Larry and Eddie Dunn

James Dunn, father of Larry and Eddie, was born in 1918 in Upson County Georgia. That same year his daddy, Edd M Dunn, decided to move to South Georgia. Edd loaded his farm implements in one end of a boxcar and his household belongings on the other and headed south. Edd put in his first cotton crop in Tift County in 1919.

Edd took the older children with him while James and his mother and the younger children stayed behind until she was able to travel after childbirth. The Dunn’s moved several times before permanently locating on land in Tift County. They lived in what is affectionally known as the “two-story-house”. There were six sons and two daughters.

James often said his Daddy knew how to keep six boys busy so they would stay out of trouble. Five of the six boys were in service during WWII, with James being in front line combat.

James sent money home to his Mama while he was in service. That and a government assistance program for veterans enabled James to buy a 500 acre farm in the early 50’s. He grew cotton, corn and tobacco. James was one of the very few farmers in Tift County who grew cotton every year, even during the dreaded boll weevil years.

James and Opal, who came from a strong farming family as well, had four children. Two boys, Larry and Eddie and two girls, Mary and Margaret. The boys, being the oldest and the youngest siblings, co-farmed with their Daddy and then took over the farming on their own.

Larry and Eddie own and operate Dunn Brothers Farms, LLC. They have land in both Colquitt and Tift Counties in South Georgia. Part of this land is their Dad’s original property and some from their Mother. The brothers have farmed together for thirty-seven years, since before each finished high school. They grow primarily cotton and peanuts. But, have an extensive history of tobacco and pork production.

Conservation runs true to the Dunn Brother’s beliefs. They bought equipment and have enjoyed using their bulldozer and excavator to clear their land and make it more compatible with soil and water conservation guidelines. The combination of cover crops and strip tilling has enabled them to receive various awards, including Soil Conservation and Farmers of the Year Award.

Larry and Eddie also support multiple farmer-owned businesses, including a peanut shelling plant, where Eddie is a board member.

Larry attended Valdosta State University and started farming full time in 1967. He tragically lost his first wife, Maggie, in an accident. They had two sons, Jim and Walt and a daughter, Michelle. He is now married to Lily and they have two sons, Aaron and Adam. Larry and Lily are members of Omega Baptist Church, where Larry serves as a deacon.

Eddie attended Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College and started farming full time in 1976. He is married to Cindy and they have two children, Dusty and Kayla. Dusty and his wife, Denver, have two children, Dawson and Darby. Eddie and Cindy are members of Salem Baptist Church where Eddie serves as a deacon.