Justin Sumner Family

Being a six-generation-farmer could put a lot of pressure on a young man. But this is not the case with Justin Sumner. He was in a baby carrier when he first experienced the comforting hum of a tractor. Justin was fascinated with all things farming. He absorbed all the info he could gather from his father, Wendell.

Farming wasn’t just a chosen path or an assigned career for Justin, it became his passion. This passion turned into a lifestyle that has incorporated a sense of skill and ingenuity.

Justin’s childhood dream to expand Sumner Farms is focused on hard work and determination. His key motivations are traditional family values, positive outlook and diversifying his crops. He and his family give thanks for the ability to farm. And that this experience was put in place for generations before them.

These qualities have seen the Sumner family through crop devastation from storms and other unpredictable weather. They have experienced depressions and recessions. These life events have failed to diminish the dream of Justin and his family. They have hunkered down and kept the passion alive.

Cotton has been a primary crop from the first Sumner farmer. Today Justin and his family grow several hundred acres of cotton as well as peanuts, corn, watermelons, blackberries and blueberries.

Justin and his wife, Katie, dated in high school and married in 2004. Katie learned loving Justin meant a commitment to farm life. She supports Justin in every step forward in his dreams for Sumner Farms. Katie earned a Master’s Degree in education and presently serves as an academic interventionist for Colquitt County Schools.

Lawson Sumner was born in 2008. He already works to ensure there will be a seventh generation farmer in his family. Lawson takes pride in growing watermelons, corn and tomatoes. He loves to share information about the family farm. This young farmer presents a strong sense of pride. He reminds his family to stay with the basics.

Colby Leigh was born in 2014. She shares her mother’s looks and passion for anything that makes Justin happy.

Baby Landry joined the family in May of 2018.

Justin and Katie share an unwavering commitment to model love, family values, hard work, and high expectations for the future.