Jeff Williams Family

Jeff doesn’t know any other way of life except farming. He followed in his father, Billy William’s, footsteps from the time he could walk. He and his four brothers had a learn- as- you- grow concept that kept father and sons close.

Jeff was active in FFA while in high school. He also worked after school on the farm. Jeff graduated in 1986 and began farming on his own. His first crops were cotton and peanuts, totaling one hundred acres.

Grandad, Calvin, and dad, Billy, instilled a strong work ethic in Jeff. They grew cotton, peanuts, tobacco and corn. Jeff learned the hard life of a farmer was also a fulfilling life. He loved to see the crops grow from a small planted seed to harvest.

Jeff’s father grew produce for a few years. He employed local youth to work during the summer months. This is where Jeff met Jennifer. They dated for several years and married in 1992. Jennifer worked for a local greenhouse manufacturing plant for fourteen years. She is now a paraprofessional with Berrien County School System.

Jeff and Jennifer have a daughter, Kathryn. She is active in FFA as a Junior Advisory Officer. She also raises a steer for the show circuit. Farm life is deep in her veins as well.

The Williams Family Farm consists of Jeff and his brother, Ricky, and Ricky’s three sons. Together they tend over 2500 acres. Their primary crops are cotton and peanuts. This family has used modern technology to increase their yields but understand good ole fashioned elbow grease is what it takes to stay the row.

Recently, Jeff bought a small sawmill and moved it to his property. He helped local farmers removed downed trees after a hurricane. He has planed the timber and used the excess to build a house.

Jeff, Jennifer and Kathryn were born country and raised country and love country life. They are part of a core group that tills and tends our great land with respect. They understand the pitfalls and difficulties of farming all too well. They also understand the contentment and fulfillment of a job well done.