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We thank you for visiting our online store Southern Drawl.  We know that we have a premium cotton sheet that was created through sustainable farming practices. Our products let you see the farm families that grew the cotton in your purchase. We have a tab on our homepage so you can see our farm families and our "From Field To Fabric" label that is on all of our products. We have almost lost the textile industry here in the USA and have struggled on our farms for quite some time with hurricane after hurricane and drought after drought.  We have survived these conditions to do what we feel that we do best and that is to grow sustainable cotton here in Georgia. We know we have the challenge of competing against cheap labor over seas, but we have to try to save our livelihoods here in South Georgia. The average age of the American farmer keeps going up and fewer of our children can stay on the farm due to lower farm gate values. We are not asking for charity, but we are offering you a chance to buy the best premium cotton sheet that the South has to offer bar none. With your support we will grow this company and make many more products grown on the farm that you will love.  Please join us in drawing families together one night at a time!

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I have a draw set of sheets in white with tan piping.
This is the first set of sheets that has ever fit my mattress. I have washed them numerous times and have added articles of clothing and the rope hasn’t caught in anything. I love the feeling of slipping into these sheets. I get the feeling I’m back in time sneaking into bed with my grandmother!!! I highly recommend Southern Drawl sheets!!!


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