Environmentally Friendly

Our sheets are not deemed organic; however, there is a lot of misconception about organic cotton.  I can't say if in fact anything over seas is organic or not.  It's funny to most farmers in the U.S. because most countries outside the U.S. have fewer regulations on what chemicals farmers can spray.  Most cotton labeled Organic is usually grown in countries that have real environmental problems like India, Pakistan, or China.  I can say that finishing the material used in making most sheets is very harsh on the environment.  Bleach and many caustic materials are used.  Our sheets that we sell aren't any different.  However, our natural sheets are just  "Natural."  These sheets are basically washed with really hot water to sanitize the material. You can even see so fine leaf particles in the material that wash out usually on the first wash.  We made the decision to try to make the most environmentally safe sheet as possible.  Amusingly,  it's not called organic.   However,  it  is the most environmentally friendly sheet made in our opinion.


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