Clay Sellers Family

  Clay Sellers, along with his wife Kaitlyn, are proud cotton growers in Colquitt County Georgia. What makes their family farm unique is that although they both have strong farmers in their family’s history, they did not inherit their row crop operation. Both sides of their family had gotten out of farming during the 1990s.

  However, Clay was determined to be knowledgeable about cotton and the other crops surrounding him. He started his own crop scouting business to put himself through ABAC, the local Agricultural College.  Upon completing college, Clay worked at Omega Farm Supply and Omega Gin Company, still gaining awareness about the business of cotton production.

  Although he was without his family’s support to farm, he was confident that he could “make it happen”. Clay traded scouting services for older farm equipment and took money he had saved to put together what he needed to make his first crop of cotton on his own. 

  In 2013 Clay and Kaitlyn got married and also purchased their first tractor. Their operation has grown in acres and complexity since then. What started as 20 acres of cotton has grown into 1600 acres of cotton, peanuts, and produce.  They also own 200 head of cattle, which never fail to keep things interesting. 

  The Sellers are humbled by what has been accomplished by hard work, innovative ideas and good old fashion guts. They are determined to continue with the motivation of their children, Clayton, Honey, Hollyn, and through the blessings of Jesus Christ.